code_swarm: visualization of development history

    code_swarm - an application that allows you to visualize the history of commits in the application. A commit occurs when a developer makes changes to the code or documentation, and then sends them to the central repository. Developers and files are displayed as moving elements. When a developer commits, it is highlighted, and files affected by this commit are also highlighted. The color of the files depends on the type of file (code, documentation). If the developer’s activity drops, its display fades. The histogram below shows the history and activity of the changes.

    The project is free and available for download at

    . At the moment there are many prepared visualizations of the history of such famous projects as Python , Apache., Eclipse , PostgreSQL , Django .

    I suggest you take a look at these videos and understand the essence.
    On page are the steps to generate your own video. But we must warn you that the process is quite lengthy, as an example, the author of the video about Django rendered his video from 4300 frames for about 45 minutes on the Macbook Pro .

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