Gmail Limitations

    It turns out that our beloved Gmail imposes restrictions on all its users.
    According to the blog we can not

    1. Send more than 500 messages per day (clicking on the "Send" button is considered);
    2. Only 500 recipients of one letter;
    3. Limit on 2000 letters per day. It differs from the first point in that you can, for example, send 4 letters to 500 recipients and complete the job.

    To be honest, I have not come across these limitations for many years of working with Gmail, but it somehow somehow became unpleasant.
    But Google can be understood - the fight against SPAM can be expressed in this form.

    UPD. Do not take it as a negative in relation to Gmail. This is really a free service, and I bring this information, as I think this is an interesting fact.

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