Google Ad Planner shows the exact audience and demographics of all sites

    AdSense advertisers will soon be able to get a powerful tool for effective targeting. Yesterday, Google announced the start of beta testing of the Ad Planner system (registration by invitation only), which allows you to study, including demographic characteristics, of the audience of a website.

    In contrast to the recently updated Google Trends service , the new tool pretty accurately shows not the relative, but the absolute audience of each site. Interestingly, statistics are shown even for those sites that are not part of the AdSense advertising network (you can see a large screenshot by clicking). Analysts are still at a loss

    where Google gets this information from. Do they use their own toolbar and information from the personal profile of each user or do they track users in some other way. But the data source is definitely the same as that used for the aforementioned Google Trends public service.

    All statistics for all sites can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or to DoubleClick MediaVisor for processing and thorough analysis.

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