Why am I not using a mobile phone?

    I do not use a mobile phone. All friends are so surprised when they hear it. How? You do not have a mobile phone? Don't you need her? And how is this even possible?
    But it’s possible.
    I hate these gizmos for many reasons, and now I will try to list these reasons.

    Firstly, standard ringtones in phones are extremely vile and squeak unbearably. Well, you can, of course, stuff an mp3 file into the receiver. As I recently went out onto the balcony, and there are “real boys” drinking beer under the window, and one of them takes out the phone and starts sorting through the melodies, as if emphasizing his “reality” and “clarity”: first, the melody from the “Brigade”, then - "Boomer", "Murka" and then (a gesture full of drama) a parody tune from the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" - apparently, from hopelessness and because the melodies ended. But the special abomination is also that these mp3 files are played in terrible quality, and for me, a turned music lover and an audiophile, it is like an emery to my heart.
    In general, mobile phones do not know how to make sounds.

    Secondly, craziphones prevent me from communicating normally. It is terrible when a person on the other end of the wire is barely audible, and you have to ask a hundred times. It's terrible when people get you who you don’t want to hear. And the sms format is absolutely communication for imbitsil:
    - Hi, what are you doing?
    - Hi, I'm listening to music, and you?
    - And I'm getting ready for the exams.
    - I see. Love you!
    - And I love you!
    Communication, yeah. Thinning your brain to birch sap is what it is.

    Thirdly, a mobile phone has always been for me a kind of talisman of philistinism. Even when they were a rarity, and only a few could afford them (along with a gold chain on the neck and a black jeep: pure kitsch!), And then few owners wore phones on their belts, proudly showing this property to the public. Even in the summer, on the beach, they clung to a plastic freak in a leather wrapper for swimming trunks. Further - more, the youth acquired phones; hemp covers, obscene screensavers for screens have come into fashion. Then - "send sms to such and such a number and check your compatibility with your boyfriend / get a horoscope / upload cool pictures and so on."
    Do a simple experiment. You are sitting with friends in a cafe, you are five people. Get your phone and twist in your hands, push the buttons. The other four will immediately do the same. It doesn’t matter who your friends are - schoolchildren, vocational school students or cool IT specialists (in this case they have an expensive iPhone, but they still get it and start poking pointless)

    Damn it, even when the gopnik takes someone’s phone on the street - this is not a robbery, this is a ritual, the capture of a cow, the transfer of a blessed icon, +1 penny or whatever. Otherwise, he would have taken not a phone for a hundred dollars, but a jacket for two thousand, but would have taken his wallet, which still has the same amount.

    Fourth, I hate to depend on something. And try the person’s licenses of his beloved phone for a day! He will be as if without arms, will start to rush about, will panic. Yes, everyone knows that. I suppose everything went through this. Thank God, my work and my life allow me such luxury as the lack of a phone: I communicate with customers and friends on ICQ, and if I'm not online, it’s unavailable. Do not get me with your chime: with myself I am often more pleasant to talk to than with any Anya M., whom I don’t remember at all, and to whose questions you usually answer “hello, I’m working,” as in Bashorg.

    Here, I recalled a great example of mobile philistinism: a certain hip-hop battle “Glamor BG Battle # 1” (the battle of cool emsey, all things) was held at one time, and the prize for first place was 500 rubles per mobile.
    Okay, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m just thinking, don’t take it seriously :)
    But why do people rush about with their mobile phones so much - at least kill me, I don’t understand.

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