The laying of the underwater "Google cable" has begun

    Yesterday , laying of an underwater cable began along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The fact that Google will finance this project called Unity was reported in February . This is the first time in history when an Internet company invests in intercontinental communication channels. And yesterday, contractors NEC and Tyco International began work.

    A 10,000 km cable will connect the US Pacific coast with Japan. Together with Google, five more telecommunications companies will become co-owners of the backbone.

    Initially, the backbone will consist of five pairs of fiber optic cables, one of which will directly transmit traffic at a speed of 960 Gb / s, and the remaining four are needed for the reserve. In the future, it is planned to add four more pairs of cables, so that the total capacity of the route will be from 4.8 Tbit / s to 7.68 Tbit / s. The

    new backbone should go into operation in I quarter. 2010 year. By that time, the throughput of other cables in the Pacific Ocean will also increase, so Unity will account for about 20% of all Pacific traffic.

    For reference: here is a map of all submarine cables on the planet.

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