How to quickly develop a mobile application? Startup feedback and experience

    I want to share with you startup feedback about Windows Phone and draw your attention to the opportunities that will help you quickly realize your idea and sell it.

    I'll start with a documentary video. I apologize in advance for the quality - it was an impromptu with the first video camera that came to hand :-). So, to your attention - a mini-survey of startups-developers of mobile applications on the theme of Windows Phone.

    “Very easy to learn development language”, “native platform”, “minimalism”, “style” - these are just some of the reviews in support of the fact that using Windows Phone you can easily and quickly develop stylish and functional mobile applications.

    A week ago, we held a conference for startups on Windows Phone. Among the participants were those who already have experience in developing mobile applications on different platforms, and those who have an idea and absolutely no development experience.

    During just one Saturday, participants listened to reports on Microsoft resources for startups, design, development and monetization of Windows Phone and, under the guidance of experts, developed prototypes of their solutions.

    As a result, on the evening of the same day, 12 teams presented their projects and demonstrated prototypes for Windows Phone. The jury, consisting of experts on Windows Phone and representatives of Runa Capital and Greenfield Project, evaluated the projects from a business and technological point of view and selected two winners:

    We wish the guys a speedy publication in the Windows Phone Marketplace and good luck!

    By the way, about the app store for Windows Phone.

    Those who publish their application in MarketPlace before April 30 or May 20 will be able to win Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones as part of special competitions and help to promote developed applications! There is not much time left, but with Windows Phone - enough to have time to develop the best application!

    And we will help you with this. On April 17th we will hold a webinar where we will answer frequently asked questions on developing applications for Windows Phone and placing them in MarketPlace. Install free development tools, prepare ideas and questions!

    All information on where to get development software, how to register for a webinar, and a selection of online courses on Windows Phone can be found on the Microsoft Startup Portal in the Windows Phone section !

    I summarize my post with the words of Artem Kumpel, CEO of ITMozg startup. “... anyone who wants to start developing mobile applications should start with Windows Phone ..”!

    I will be glad to answer your questions, including on Microsoft resources for startups (grants, software, consultations, and much more).

    See you at the webinar !

    Shcheglova Julia
    Program Manager for Startups Microsoft BizSpark
    Microsoft Russia
    juliash @ microsoft . com

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