Free webinar on innovations in Team Foundation Server 11 for team development and application development cycle

    Dear colleagues, developers, project managers, heads of development teams and just interested!

    I invite you to attend a free webinar (an online event accessible through a browser), where I will tell students about the new features of Team Foundation Server 11 for organizing team development and the entire application development cycle from prototype planning to testing a ready-made solution.

    The webinar will be held on April 19 at 17-00 Moscow time and will be available to everyone. The session will take 45 minutes, after which I will be happy to answer any of your questions. The webinar will be recorded, the recording will be available for free viewing a few days after the event.

    I ask everyone to register for the webinar at the following address on the Microsoft events page .

    Within the 45 minutes of the webinar, I will introduce you to what's new in Team Foundation Server 11 to provide more effective team development. You will get acquainted with the new functionality in Visual Studio 11, the new PowerPoint StoryBoarding tool, Team Web Access web tool, innovations in the version control mechanism, code reviewing functions and building projects in the cloud.

    See you at the webinar!

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