Let's Encrypt Now Trusted

Original author: Josh Aas
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We are pleased to announce that we have received cross-signatures from IdenTrust . This means that now our certificates are considered trusted in most major browsers. This is a significant milestone: now all visitors to websites on which Let's Encrypt certificate is installed will be able to enjoy safe browsing of the Internet without any additional settings.

Both intermediate Let's Encrypt certificates (Let's Encrypt Authority X1 and Let's Encrypt Authority X2) received cross-signatures. Web servers now need to be configured in order to serve a suitable certificate cross-signature. The Let's Encrypt client will do this automatically.

You can look at an example of a server that uses the Let's Encrypt certificate at this link .

Important personal and commercial information circulates on the Internet with high intensity like never before, and it's time to encrypt it all. Therefore, we created Let's Encrypt and we are pleased to have taken a big step that will help bring secure connections to every corner of the network.

Josh Aas, ISRG Executive Director

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