Google has shown the dynamics of the popularity of music trends over the past 64 years

    Google has a lot of interesting divisions, and the projects that lead these divisions. For example, Google Research recently presented the results of a study of the dynamics of the popularity of various music trends over the past 64 years. The project itself was called Music Timeline .

    The company did not process information from the top charts of the Billboard service, but data obtained from its own Google Play Music service (information on artists and albums from this service). When you click on the main directions, musical trends appear inside such a direction, and in the lower part of the graph the most popular musical groups and performers that create the music of the current displayed on the graph are displayed at a certain time.

    It is worth noting that in the infographics presented by the Corporation of Good, there is no classical music. The reason for this is the cataloging of classical musical compositions not according to the recording date (in most cases, the reason is clear, the date goes far into the past, in a period longer than 64 years).

    Google Research is going to conduct further research on various kinds of changes in the world of music. As for the current study, all of its results are presented in graphical form, well understood by everyone.

    via theverge

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