US authorities seized another 29,655 bitcoins ($ 28 million) from Silk Road servers

    Today, information appeared on Silk Road, a resource that had already been forgotten by many. Its servers were seized back in October last year, and the owner was convicted. So, the US authorities managed to get to another wallet that worked with Silk Road customer transactions. The amount stored on this wallet was very large: at the current exchange rate, 28 million US dollars (29,655 bitcoins) were stored on the wallet.

    The US authorities managed to get to this wallet thanks to a detailed study of previously seized servers (well, and probably thanks to no less detailed work with Ross Ulbricht).

    Among other things, the authorities emphasized that the seized cryptocurrency is considered in the case as any other currency that was received in the framework of illegal operations.

    Earlier, almost immediately after the arrest of Silk Road servers, a lot of bitcoins were also seized. Currently, the total amount of cryptocurrency seized in the Silk Road case is estimated at 130 million US dollars (due to the increase in the cryptocurrency rate).

    Interestingly, Ross Ulbricht protested the seizure of bitcoins, arguing that it was his personal equipment and personal funds.

    Via theverge

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