Microsoft fixed bugs in Windows drivers

    Microsoft has released a set of updates for Windows that close a number of bugs in the drivers and system files of the OS. Update KB3078405 fixes bugs in the Tunnel.sys driver on Windows 8.1, which led to sudden BSOD errors with codes 0x0000004A and 0x0000009F. The computer could fall into the blue screen of death in various situations, including when using a connected removable USB-drive and when switching between different power modes.

    The KB3095649 update disables the Touch Hardware Quality Assurance (THQA) certification check for the Win32k.sys driver on Windows 8.1. Another KB3095701 update fixes bugs in the Tpm.sys driver that prevented a system running Windows Server 2012 R2 from recognizing some TPM 2.0 devices.

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