TRUST Bank does not like small customers

    Having a MasterCard from VTB24 available, I tried to pay through the electronic cash desk of TRUST Bank for the services of a local provider (otherwise I would have to go on foot). But the box office stubbornly did not want to accept payment. I wrote and later called the bank administrator (his address was in the error message) - the response was "Your card does not support transactions."

    I found out in my bank that everything is in order with transactions, and I myself used a card for cashless payments before and after that.

    Another day of correspondence with the administrator of the TRUST did not lead to anything, the standard answer about unsupported transactions.

    I wrote on Friday, after lunch, the same claim for a general bank email and today a wonderful answer came:
    > Hello bank,
    > I can’t pay through your bank’s electronic cash desk from Vneshtorgbank’s Mastercard24, yesterday’s correspondence and calls to your administrator did not lead to anything.
    > Please understand why the payment does not work?

    Good afternoon!
    Thank you for contacting our Bank.
    All offers are accepted by our bank by fax (495) 207-77-04 or by e-mail:
    If your proposal interests us, an employee of our bank will contact you by contact numbers that will be indicated in the offer.

    The last sentence sounds especially cruel.

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