Social holiday project: share the solution to the problem - save health to colleagues

    Hello, friends!

    I want to congratulate all those involved in the Defender of the Fatherland Day and share my initiative with you.

    imageIt is no secret that the life expectancy of men in Russia is much less than that of women. Among the five main causes of early mortality among men are heart disease and stroke . Both of these troubles are not least caused by the high level of stress carried by man. Surprisingly, professions related to working on the Internet and information technology have a fairly high level of stress . For example, as researchers recently found out, the level of negative experiences associated with low speed Internet access is comparable to the level of stress from watching a horror movie.

    Very often we get nervous when we encounter a serious problem in the computer, which causes a lot of inconvenience and at the same time does not have well-known solutions. I want to share with the public a solution to three problems that made me or my friends seriously nervous, while a Google search and reading manuals did not provide unambiguous solutions even from the third or fourth call. I hope that now Google will index them, and other people will be able to find them much easier and save their nervous system for a longer life.

    HDMI port on Intel video cards does not display.


    Appears randomly on laptops and computers with Intel processors and an integrated video core, such as Intel HD Graphics 4000 or another from the same series.. It gives the impression that HDMI just burned out, which sometimes happens, because when the system starts, the external display connected to this port sometimes blinks and gives short-term artifacts instead of an image, and then only shows a black square again. At the same time, if you guess to enter the BIOS with an external display connected, then at that moment the image magically appears, but only before the OS starts loading. Most often, the lack of HDMI images can be encountered after reinstalling the operating system, when there is an involuntary change of video drivers from the manufacturer's factory to those delivered on the official website. Another sign of a possible collision with this problem in the near future is the use of hybrid video mode,

    Rearrangement of different versions of video drivers and even the operating system often does not produce any results. Disabling an external video card does not help either. Without the right keywords, google did not lead to a solution, even a toaster could not help me !

    But I did not give up, and a solution was found. The lack of image is treated by restarting the adapter after the OS is fully loaded. But how to do it without an image on the screen?
    It turns out that the problem is of a hardware-software nature (and Intel was notified about it , but it did not bring any result), i.e. there is some architectural problem in the video cores from Intel, which is also accompanied by flaws in the official drivers, including those that come with Windows 7 and 8 distributions.

    So, if you are "lucky" to become the owner of a problem piece of hardware, then download the free devmanview.exe utility from Nir Sofer. The utility comes in two versions for 32-bit and 64-bit OS, you need to choose the appropriate one.


    Save the utility to a suitable folder. For example, C: \ Utilities \ . Run, examine the list of devices. Next, create a script (batch file) restart.bat and edit it if necessary. In quotation marks, instead of “Intel® HD Graphics”, indicate the name of the video core that is installed on your system, exactly as it is signed in the list of devices in the utility window. Now whenever you need an external monitor, connect it via HDMI, then run the restart.bat script

    @echo off
    echo *** Restarting GPU ***
    C:\Utilities\devmanview-x64\devmanview.exe /disable_enable "Intel(R) HD Graphics"
    echo *** Done ***

    and through the desktop options or standard hot keys, enable the image output to the second monitor. Vuola, the image arrives, you are delightful.

    Overheating of the Acer laptop from the 5750G series (or 5755G and similar models)


    It so happened that many of my relatives and friends owned Acer laptops from the 5750G and 5755G series. I must say that this is not surprising, since at the time these models offered users a very good set of functions and a good price-to-quality ratio, while Acer, having caught the trend, released a significant number of derivative modifications of these models. One of the features of such laptops was the hybrid graphics mentioned above, when the processor graphics card is paired with a discrete one.

    These laptops worked very well, but over time, they began to manifest a childhood illness, they began to warm up. Sometimes even when idle or when starting a little resource-intensive applications. A couple of times I discovered with horror and did not believe my eyes that utilities like AIDA64 showed the temperature of the central or graphic processor to 100 ° C. At the same time, the problem almost did not appear in 3d games.

    A quick study of the situation showed that the system cooler does not develop the necessary speed. A slightly less cursory study led to the conclusion that the cooler always almost always promptly responds to an increase in the load on a discrete GPU, but sometimes it “forgets to take care” of an increase in the load on the CPU or processor GPU. Popular utility Fan SpeedI did not find the ability to control the speed of the cooler. Cleaning the radiator grill from dust, reinstalling the cooling system (common for the CPU and GPU) with careful replacement of thermal paste with a better one gave only a slight overall decrease in temperature. Cooling pads helped too weakly. Updating system drivers and flashing the BIOS did not give anything at all. Search in Google for a long time did not give clear results.

    In the end, it turned out that buyers filled up Acer with complaints about the causeless overheating of laptops, and the latter acknowledged this fact under pressure from the public. And ... with a great delay, I released a proprietary utility for managing the cooler, in which there are only two options: “twist as usual” and “twist very hard”.


    Apparently, we are again dealing with a software and hardware bug or even a lack of design, since the company instead of updating the BIOS and drivers releases such a utility (you can download it from the link , as well as the “instruction” to it from another link )

    UPD : And here A utility for the Acer 7551G, written by the user of this laptop.
    Here was the opposite situation, the cooler ignored the GPU temperature and only the CPU listened. User utility restores justice.

    Skype hangs in processes after closing

    And the last problem I had to deal with. Skype naturally hangs after closing in the list of processes and the tray icon, and it can not be completely completed, even through the task manager. Moreover, the program consumes up to hundreds or even more megabytes of RAM. You can’t restart the program again either. Only restarting the computer helps, and again until the next Skype shutdown.

    Google said that the problem with freezing Skype goes back to 2012 and periodically manifests itself in different people. The hang is also indirectly related to the fact that Skype has overgrown with secondary functionality, while most people use it exclusively for video communication. The most recent version of the problem is caused by, as a forum participant suggests, using Skype's WebBrowser component in the interface and incorrect operation of the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) mechanism, which sometimes can incorrectly decide that a program can be problematic.

    This forum member offers the following instructions to fix the problem:

    - run cmd.exe or ps.exe with administrator privileges
    - run the command:
    bcdedit.exe / set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    - reboot
    - check, everything should work correctly

    Just in case, you can clean Skype profile files -% appdata% \ Roaming \ Skype - delete everything. If you need to save the chat history, then in the subfolder with your Skype name do not delete the chatsync folder and the main.db file. In this case, the settings will fly off (if you made them), but reinstallation is not required.

    However, I was not completely sure what the team was doing, and I was not sure that I wanted it. Instead, I went through the Skype settings and disabled all the additional functionality. I don’t use it anyway. I unchecked the following settings:
    • Activate Skype Wi-Fi
    • Enable Skype Translator
    • Use Skype for calls to callto online links:
    • Use Skype to call tel online links:
    • Enable uPnP

    And it helped, the problem completely disappeared. If you need any of these functions, try turning it back on separately and see if the problem arises again.

    I invite all the residents of Habr in the comments of the first level to share a solution to some non-trivial problem, the finding of which once in the recent past had to spend a considerable amount of effort. To simplify navigation, highlight in bold the short name / description of the problem.

    Keep your peace of mind and live long. Happy holiday!


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