The terrible power of Habraplusomet

    Having observed Habratus here, I more and more admire the system of social approval in action.
    The most interesting thing is that mainly thanks to this tool, Habr is much more interesting to read than LJ, and there is no obscene language and explicit spam.
    Some individuals are highly dependent on social approval and seem to have a strong motivation to seek respect from others.
    But did you notice that there is a whole category of “rebellious” on the Habrir who have very negative karma and it seems that they no longer have a chance to raise their karma.

    But as they say by good intentions, the road to hell is paved.

    How often do you find yourself thinking not to write what you want, since you can get into karma? Are you strong enough to do what you want, and not what social approval forces you to do?

    Incidentally, the same method of manipulation is used both in religion and in leadership.
    Think about how often you write what you want, and not what can get the most approval?

    Although due to this effect, there are many posts on the hub where people really help each other and share experiences.

    All this is good and understandable, but there is one thing but. In real life, this is not anonymous, but here anonymously.

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