Move the cursor with your feet

    Have you ever thought about how it is more convenient to place your legs while working at the computer? For me, this task is no worse than the famous "should the beard in a dream be on a blanket or under it?" But in any case, the legs usually just rest. Bili Inc proposes to change this.


    The gadget shown in the picture is nothing more than a computer mouse for the legs. On the right is the manipulator that controls the cursor, and on the left is a panel with five buttons and a wheel. All this plugs into a USB port and works.

    According to the assurances of the developers, using this device is quite easy. “You just can’t imagine how smart your legs are,” they say. And it’s hard to disagree with them. I can not imagine.

    Surely the gadget is useful to people who, for objective reasons, can not hold the mouse with their hands, but to the rest. Somehow, a situation does not occur that requires the simultaneous control of a mouse and two hands on the keyboard. Although, maybe there is some very difficult game?

    I don’t really want to talk about the price of this useful thing. But still, our readers should know that in order to evaluate the skills of their legs, they will have to pay $ 199 plus shipping. You can order at the store .


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