NetBeans 6.5: Free and Fast IDE for PHP

    Despite the fact that I have recently been programming in .NET, recently I had to work on a small project in PHP. In this regard, I began to search for a convenient, but at the same time, free IDE. Of course, I am familiar with Eclipse and PHP Development Tools for Eclipse , but I still wanted to know if there are other free programs with decent functionality. As a result, I remembered NetBeans .

    Despite the fact that NetBeans is mainly known to developers using Java, recently this development environment has begun to support other programming languages, namely:
    • C / c ++
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • And finally php

    Naturally, NetBeans also supports HTML with JavaScript.
    Well, but what do I mean by the support of a particular language? And I mean the standard set of a less or less decent IDE:
    • Project support
    • The syntax highlighting and code completion that we Visual Studio fans call IntelliSense, but it is a Microsoft trademark
    • Code navigation: class tree, the ability to quickly jump to the definition of a class / method
    • Identification of errors at the time of writing code
    • Debugging
    • Version control

    All this is in NetBeans. Moreover, it works great with JavaScript, at least compared to the aforementioned Eclipse. And it can "understand" third-party libraries, for example, jQuery.


    In addition, NetBeans has tools for working with the database.


    In general, NetBeans left a good impression, and I think this development environment should appeal to those who are used to working with Visual Studio. Compared to Eclipse, NetBeans is much faster in both startup speed and code completion speed.

    If interested, try it yourself .

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