RBC introduced AdLand

    RBC Group introduces a new product to the market - AdLand . This is an ASP system for managing online advertising and collecting statistics. AdLand works on the American mechanism ValueAd.

    AdLand can be used by agencies and platforms for conducting advertising campaigns and creating advertising networks (for example, the AdNet advertising network for flash modules operates on the basis of AdLand). The system supports all formats of advertising modules: pop up- and pop-under-windows, flash-banners, html-banners, frontline, etc. A post-click-analysis mechanism is introduced in it, which allows to understand the behavior of users already attracted to the advertiser's site.

    According to RBC, there is an opportunity to optimize advertising in AdLand. Since the system captures past user actions, you can configure it so that contact is made only when appropriate. This, in turn, can reduce advertising costs.

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