About vacancies

    I suggest to habramakers to give habrahumans an opportunity to comment on vacancies.
    You read and scary lope becomes necessary to know everything.
    living example:

    -Ability to understand someone else's code.
    this line finishes me
    clearly one old programmer found a more profitable job -

    Knowledge C / C ++, SQL, Javascript, HTML, XML, RSS.
    Desirable: knowledge of Ajax, MySQL, perl, Linyx.
    to go nuts and not immediately add PHP4 / 5

    - Web designer - html-encoder
    is that 2 jobs? or should I explain what the difference is?

    right there
    1. Higher education.
    2. Confident work in graphic packages Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.
    3. Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, SSI, familiarity with PHP.
    4. The ability to do layout "manually" in Notepad-e.
    5. Good knowledge of the layout program Dreamweaver.
    6. Experience with flash and gif-animation.
    7. The ability to present information in a beautiful and easy to read form.
    8. The ability to draw by hand is welcome.
    people just need god
    god computer, and not a man

    -Webmaster universal
    what is it? where do you study this?

    -You need to know HTML and CSS blindly, Javascript, Photoshop and other related.
    eg? C ++? see above

    -By the way, the girl is much more likely to take this position.
    damn, I'm not a girl

    just tell me what is it?

    are there disagreements?

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