Distribution of invites to Camspace - a computer control system using a webcam.

    CamSpace is a system with which you can control the cursor or play various games using almost any item in your home that has a uniform color and not too complex shape. You only need a webcam and a computer running Windows.

    At the moment, the project is in the closed beta testing stage - I already wrote about it about a month ago, since then it has changed three more versions and in this topic I want to share serial numbers for the program. All the same, they are limited in time (several days) and are intended only to increase interest in the project, since the developers promised to make it free. You can sign up in the queue on the official website , but when the next invitations will be sent, it is not known.

    Therefore, youdownload the program, it gives you a unique identifier of the equipment, inform in the comments and I say your registration code. I don’t know how many codes will be distributed, but I think there are others who have already been invited to beta testing and they will join.
    Update: Today ended, other registered users are searched.
    Update 2: Special thanks and many pluses to kurokikaze karma .

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