Gorenje launches Made for iPod refrigerator

    This wonderful refrigerator is the next step into a bright digital future :)

    Gorenje didn’t just stick the dock for iPhone / iPod Touch and a couple of speakers on the front panel of the glossy refrigerator - you can really control this refrigerator with your iPhone.

    This control is performed using the special iGorenje application, moreover - this application allows you to control not only the refrigerator, but also the oven, washing machine - in other words, all Gorenje appliances. What is not the gate of digital paradise?

    The application interface is very simple and understandable, it was developed not for the iPhone, but for the home server, which will allow you to become a “washbasin boss” from any wifi device connected to the home network.

    Yes, this refrigerator is officially licensed by Apple.

    Large and beautiful pictures can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website.

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