Cleankeys Touch Sensitive: The Cleanest Keyboard

    Company Cleankeys Inc. released a keyboard of the same name - Cleankeys Touch Sensitive. The main difference from the usual one is the replacement of the touch buttons. Interesting and positioning: Cleankeys Inc. declares that their keyboard will not become a "breeding ground for bacteria," because they simply have nowhere to hide.

    According to representatives of Cleankeys Inc., the usual "Claudia" is simply a collector of bacteria. And wiping with a disinfectant cloth kills only 5% of them. In the case of Cleankeys Touch Sensitive, “cleaning” will destroy 95% of the bacteria. Of course, the surface is flat. Again, no bread and other crumbs between the buttons.

    The keyboard has a couple more advantages. It is wireless, it does not make noise (where does the knock of keys come from if there are none), and, finally, it has built-in trappad. A smart keyboard will not allow you to enter nonsense into the load: the patented technology will prohibit text input if the user simply falls asleep on it.

    Only one minus. This is the price of $ 400. And even $ 450, when it comes to the "glass" version.

    via gizmodo

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