To the delight of Old Believer

    I’ll start like any serious manager or a bored young lady from ordinary advertising:
    Do you often want to plunge into the past, return to that pristine and impeccable nature that is so lacking now? Escape from ubiquitous urbanization, cold, soulless iron and boring plastic? We present the miracle manipulator "mouse" from rare wood! The mouse is suitable for anyone - from small to large!

    Stylish design, natural wood and unsurpassed ergonomics! The unforgettable experience of using the miracle manipulator will not leave anyone indifferent! Once you use this mouse, you can never use something else!

    Phew, that's enough. Down with stamped speeches and a banal lure. Honestly, I wouldn’t refuse such a one if it weren’t varnished like this:

    And in addition to the mouse, of course, there should be a keyboard. Seeing this device, I remembered a joke from KVN: “The thief climbed into the apartment to Bezrukov and got lost in the birches.” ;) Serezhenka, I think, already has one:

    She, of course, is not all of the birch bark of the Real Russian Birch, but is only covered with burnt symbols on the buttons, but still - we are on the right track. We are reviving, so to speak, our Russian roots.
    By the way, the keyboards are made, which is not surprising, in our native Russian land. And overseas craftsmen are much more than a mouse away. I ordered a keyboard , the mouse is in the same place. It remains to paint the monitor under Khokhloma, put on bast shoes and a white shirt - I will be a Real Russian Man.

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