Vista as a phenomenon of attraction

    The other day, after the next "decline" of my Piggy and the refusal of the melkosoft to start patches with a freshly installed (left, of course) copy of their product, the question arose about acquiring a licensed version. After thinking a little, I decided that someday I would have to buy Vista anyway, so I wouldn’t be reluctant to throw out my grandmother 2 times, and decided to buy it. Moreover, for a simple home user its security tools are quite suitable, but I did not have any databases worth one and a half million bucks, and I don’t take any work from home. But that's not the point.

    I bought a business version. Installed. And he spent the next hour and a half at the computer, stupidly opening / closing windows and pressing different buttons. Damn pretty.
    He pressed the “about 3D window” button, clicked on the control tab. Awesome beautiful.
    I climbed into different settings, pushed there. Finally super.

    I’ve been sitting on Vista for the fifth day, and still I do not deny myself the pleasure of opening different windows and settings from time to time. I am not an “ordinary user”, I work as a programmer, so I usually do not allow myself any different false emotions regarding the OS. And yet the question arises: is it possible that all the people, having once worked on it, will also worm themselves like that from the local beauties and run to activate the version? Or is it the one I'm so imbued with?
    I’m not talking about the “most powerful” security features of this OS, I’m not talking about ease of use (here you can argue, something is convenient, something is not), namely, the attractiveness of the interface, how everything shimmers and smoothly jumps and disclosed.
    I have no doubt that all these beauty and their influence on the weak brains of casuals were provided by marketers, but how strong is this influence? But the devil knows them ... Judging by me, that’s so.

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