The third open test of unofficial Fallout Online has started!

    imageGood news! MBT 3 has begun!
    Yesterday's announcement is on this link.

    The official site of the project - Fonline .

    This is the last open test. It will last until release. During the test, small stops, updates will occur. Periodically, wipes will be possible. We hope that possible technical failures will not prevent you from enjoying the game. Good luck in the world of FOnline.

    The kit includes content for both games - FOnline: The Life After and FOnline: 2238. Also, before starting the game, do not forget to connect the DAT files of the original Fallout2 (by copying to the client folder or specifying the paths in the FOConfig.exe configurator) and copying music to the folder client \ data \ sound \ music.

    By default, the client is configured on the FOnline: The Life After server to play on FOnline: 2238 change the IP address in the config Ip to port 2238, or run FOnline.exe / FonlineDx9.exe with the key "-RemoteHost - RemotePort 2238 ".

    Link to download the archive with the client.
    The mirror .

    See the rest of the mirrors in the comments!

    Client archive size: 100 Mb

    Manual for the 3rd test!

    For those who have the desire and ability to help the project financially (at no cost), read here .

    View server status here .
    Good luck :)

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