Sports affiliate programs. Afileyt to the rescue

    First you need to decide which plan to choose when registering: revenue share (percentage of income / loss) or cpa (a fixed amount for each). It depends on what traffic you drive. If there are only bonus hunters, then the CPU, since bonus hunters are always in the black if there are players, then the percentage, since in the long term most will lose, and you will win accordingly. It's a shame of course for the losers, but what to do, such statistics.

    CPUs have betfair, betdaq, ladbrokes, bet-at-home, totesport, betfred, vcbet, sportingindex, skybet, thegreek and a few more. Amounts vary, from 15 pounds for registration to 300 dollars.

    The rest have a percentage, well, and the above, too. Percentage assumes that the player will lose, and you will receive a commission from this. In most affiliate programs, if at the end of the month you have a minus, then the next month it will burn, and in some it will not (boylesports, pinnaclesports, 188bet, bet365). This does not mean that in pinnaclesports, for example, you do not need to register at all. Register wherever you can, just in these offices a little differently. Maybe you will always lose someone.

    Be sure each affiliate must have an account with the affiliate betfair. This is the only affiliate program that does not have a minus for sports at all, even if the percentage. They pay with the winning player. For this affiliate program and received the prize "best sports affiliate program" in cap awards 2009.

    There are affiliate programs with good conversions, and bad ones. Depends on many factors, such as design, coefficients, ease of registration, promotions. Those. you may have many clicks in one office, but there are very few registrations, and vice versa in the other with the same clicks. For me, sportingindex is a bad conversion, because it has a very difficult process of registering customers and not quite the usual betting technique (bet spread). Although the CPU is high there (70 pounds per player). Poor conversion is best avoided, or try something new in terms of promotion. Those. not standard banners, links, but maybe some contests or an explanation of how to play there, etc. Bad conversion is usually usually a lot of competition in the affiliate program. For example, betfair is a very popular affiliate program, almost every site has it, therefore, having a good commission there is becoming increasingly difficult. This does not mean that it’s better not to go in there, for example, I was once in fifth place at the request of betfair in Google and this has brought me a lot of high-quality clients who continue to play so far.

    You can promote it in different ways: banners, text links, banners with coefficients, forum posts, search engine optimization, etc. Experiment. If something went wrong, try changing. If there are a lot of clicks and there are few registrations, see what is the reason. Maybe the office is poorly chosen, maybe people don’t understand how to play there. For example, you can offer a novice bonus hunter to register through your links in exchange for a percentage of the commission, or if this is your friend - just like that or for any help with the office.

    If you do not have your own site, use a different promotion method (forums for example). If you have a site, but there is little traffic there or it is not very high quality, use those places where the traffic is good. Search engines have very high-quality traffic, you just need to experiment.

    In affiliate programs it will often be such that the user has registered using your link, but has not started playing. In statistics, everything will be zero. This is a normal situation, nothing can be done about it. Maybe the user thought that he would simply register and they would automatically be given a bonus without a deposit, maybe he mistakenly registered a second time, maybe he wanted to play, but an unexpected situation happened and he could not continue. There are many reasons, it’s not worth looking for what exactly, unless this is of course a statistic failure. Or it happens that he will play a little and no longer play. This is also a normal situation. Nothing depends on you here. Just keep working further and attract constantly new customers.

    A few words about targeting. Whether it will be a purely Russian-oriented site or maybe only English, decide for yourself. For example, I practically do not attract Russian traffic, since I have a bad conversion. This does not mean that Russians lose less or bring less commission, I just can’t do it with them. Although I know several affiliates who do the same in the Russian segment and everything is fine there. I focus more on England and Europe.

    Ask managers for exclusive sports bonuses, offer your users something unusual that competitors don’t have. This will allow you to earn more commission and attract additional traffic.

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