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    The online video has a reputation for something frivolous and entertaining. However, in reality this is just a format that is not to blame for the fact that it is used to distribute "Jozhin from Bazhin" or "Guitars". There are several video resources on which a collection of files is stored, possibly useful for self-education. My colleagues at Ruformer have found several of these services.

    1. Youtube Edu is not an independent service, but a Youtube channel. The content is very colorful - from university lectures on matan toadolescent pregnancy issues video. It is important that almost all commercials are somehow generated either by universities or by companies with a strong research spirit (such as Wolfram). Now I myself am in the process of studying a course in solid state chemistry . Channel materials have become useful to me not only in terms of knowledge, but also in terms of the ability to express my thoughts. Courses with subtitles help those who wish to pump not only the subject, but also English.
    Link: Youtube Edu .

    2. Video-EnglishDesigned specifically for those who want to learn English. You need to listen to the video clips, and then arrange the words spoken in it in the correct order. In parallel, you can watch the translation of the resulting proposals. As fragments - again, public lectures by various smart people like Steve Jobs, interviews, news items.
    Link: Video-English .

    3. Prime Life - reports, interviews, and thoughts of Russian do-erov. I can say that the section "Economics and Business" I look at all as a whole. Klimenko (Liveinternet), Nosik (BFM), Sebrant (Yandex), Artamonova ( - these are only those Internet users who are represented at Prime Life. The site is closely integrated with Moscow Theories and Practices- a site about edutainment format events (education + entertainment)
    Link: Prime Life .

    4. Skillcast - the most “serious” of all sites. Now the site has only 23 lectures, they are devoted mainly to business issues: HR, financial forecasting. The site is of Latvian origin, so a couple of lectures are specific to Latvia. The price of one lecture - from $ 15 to $ 80 - it includes video viewing and various handouts (PDF with text, XLS with an example of calculation).
    Link: Skillcast .

    Online video is already used not only for entertainment and viral distribution of funny videos. If you have any more interesting examples of useful videos on the net, let's share them with brief descriptions right in the comments. It may be a good selection.

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