Google is switching to solar energy

    Google, one of the largest consumers of electricity in America (in general, computers “eat up” up to 5% of all electricity in the USA), plans to partially transfer its headquarters to solar energy . Photocell panels will be installed right on the corporate campus in Main View (a suburb south of San Francisco, there is enough sun there) and it will be the largest corporate solar power station in the world.

    An ambitious project involves the purchase and installation of 9,200 solar panels. They will earn, however, only in the spring of next year and, as expected, will produce about 1.6 megawatts of electricity, which is quite enough for heating and lighting about a thousand houses. This is about 30% of the power that Google headquarters consumes during peak hours.

    The solar project will be managed by EI Solutions , the cost of the transaction was not disclosed. But the payback period of such a project in any case is at least several tens of years (solar panels are still very expensive).

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