Fallout on Gold

    On October 8, one of the most anticipated games of 2008 (and maybe even one of the most anticipated games in principle) was sent for gold. A remake of the iconic Fallout, developed by Bethesda Softwork, will be available soon. More precisely, October 28 (according to other sources - October 31).

    There were a lot of controversial rumors about this game, rather, even about the progress of its development. The fact that Bethesda employees working on Fallout 3 did not even play in the first two parts. The fact that the new “fall” will be called only TES5: Fallout . The fact that the "gazebo" raised her hand to the holy and can destroy this holy.

    I'm also somewhat skeptical of games from Bethesda Softwork. Despite the professionalism of the authors, what happens will not be the same old Folout. But I completely agree with the statement of the designer of the original Fallout game Tim Cain, who stated the following (quote from CNews ):

    “I liked what I saw in Fallout 3. Now this is their [Bethesda Softwork] license, the creators have chosen the direction and made it intriguing. Although, quite possibly, I would choose a different path of development. Be that as it may, I have already pre-ordered the third part and will gladly appreciate the game as a simple player, not a developer. All I want to do is play this project and enjoy it. ”

    So soon we will all find out what Bethesda actually did.

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