Crusade against cash

    The round table “Payment systems: what will customers pay in 2009?” At E-Commerce 2008 pleased those present with their ... predictability. “The crisis is not terrible for us. It is scary only for grocery stores, which in our turnover are only 7%. And even in the ChronoPay system there are only 17% of them, ”says Natalya Khaitina, deputy director of Yandex.Money. “The crisis will never affect us. The banking crisis and EPS are in no way connected, ”agrees Natalia Chanysheva from Webmoney.

    This is predictable. And this is good. The good thing so far is that payment systems do not want to compete openly with each other. MoneyMail Marketing Director Naila Zamashkina urged everyone to work together to eradicate cash payments for goods purchased on the Internet. Today, the share of such payments is, according to the same "Y. Money", "fantastic 70-90%." At, which is officially the largest store in the industry, 75% of purchases are paid to the courier upon delivery, the rest is approximately equal to cards and EPS.

    True, the pace of this eradication is estimated differently. Natalia Khaitina expects to reduce the share of cash by 5% per year. Ilya Pekurovsky, ChronoPay Sales Director, boldly declares her share to be reduced to 30% after 3 years.

    Electronic tickets will give an impetus to the Internet turnover of both EPS and cards. The latter - to a greater extent, because this product is not cheap. Online games, in turn, pushed and will push EPS - fluctuations in the domestic economy of MMORPG are already noticeable in the cash flow of electronic currencies with the naked eye.

    Michael Brinkmann, a guest from German Wirecard, insists in English on the “great opportunity” that the crisis presents to the Russian e-commerce market.

    Now there will be no explosive growth of electronic payment systems (EPS) to outstrip the entire e-commerce market, but the pace will remain close to an annual doubling. “We are entering the phase when we need to do business: optimize, reduce costs, God forbid. It’s better to increase income, of course. ”

    And all is simple. And you can’t even argue. But still it’s so clearly seen that this “time to start working” is pronounced with sadness ...

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