Yahoo Widget engine - to every TV

    People are tired of just watching TV. They want to see new mail headers, Twitter messages, and friend updates while watching the broadcast. Soon all this will be possible.

    Intel and Yahoo have announced a joint initiative to deliver web content on top of a television signal so that a TV viewer can surf the Internet while watching their favorite show without taking their hands off a conventional D / U remote.

    Content will be displayed on the left side of the TV screen or at the bottom in the form of a widget ribbon between which the user can switch without interrupting the normal broadcast (see video demo) The fifth generation Yahoo Widget engine is used. Of course, the bulk of the content will be delivered by Yahoo: this is the weather forecast, news headlines, Flickr photos, sports results, stock quotes, etc. (there will be a choice of hundreds and thousands of widgets), although independent developers can also create their own programs based on Yahoo Widget Engine. The new interactive service is tentatively called the “Widget Channel”, that is, the “widget channel”.

    Negotiations have already begun with cable television operators in the United States, as well as with manufacturers of TVs ( Intel CE3100 media processor must be implemented in television setscode-named “Canmore”, which, among other things, has the ability to process two HD video streams in parallel, supports 3D video, 7.1 sound, a three-channel 800 MHz DDR2 memory controller and much more). Intel promises that the first TVs with this chip will appear in the I floor. 2009 year.

    If the initiative still succeeds, then this will be the most fundamental change in the concept of television in its entire history.

    By the way, now Yahoo is actively promoting its Yahoo Widget Engine platform for implementation not only in televisions, but also in mobile phones of all manufacturers.

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