The parable about chess

    Today I will write my favorite parable, I know that many of you know it, but it will only serve as an occasion for reflection in the comments. Or maybe someone will discover something new if she has not heard it.
    The parable about chess

    The parable about chess

    A chess game was invented in India, and when the Indian king Sheram met her, he was delighted with her wit and the variety of possible positions in it. Upon learning that the game was invented by one of his subjects, the king ordered him to be called in to personally reward him for a successful invention.

    The inventor - his name was Seta - appeared to the throne of the overlord. He was a modestly dressed scientist who received his livelihood from his students.

    “I wish to adequately reward you, Seth, for the wonderful game that you invented,” the king said.

    The sage bowed.

    “I am rich enough to fulfill your most daring wish,” the king continued. “Name the reward that will satisfy you, and you will receive it.

    Seta was silent.

    “Don't be shy,” the king encouraged him. “Express your desire.” I will not regret anything to fulfill it!

    “Great is your kindness, lord.” But give me time to consider the answer. Tomorrow, upon mature reflection, I will let you know my request.

    When the next day Seth again appeared at the steps of the throne, he surprised the king with the unprecedented modesty of his request.

    “Lord,” said Seta, “command me to give me one grain of wheat for the first square of the chessboard.”

    - Simple wheat grain? - the king was amazed.

    “Yes, lord.” Order the second cell to give out two grains, for the third - four, for the fourth - 8, for the fifth - 16, for the sixth - 32 ...

    - Enough! The king interrupted with irritation. “You will receive your grains for all 64 cells of the board, according to your desire: for each twice as much as the previous one.” But know that your request is not worthy of my generosity. Asking for such an insignificant reward, you disrespectfully neglect my grace. Truly, as a teacher, you could show the best example of respect for the kindness of your sovereign. Go ahead My servants will bring you a bag of wheat.

    Seta smiled, left the hall and began to wait at the gates of the palace.
    At lunch, the king remembered the inventor of chess and sent to find out if the reckless Set had already taken his miserable reward.

    “Lord,” was the answer, “your order is being executed.” The court mathematicians calculate the number of traced grains.

    The king frowned — he was not used to his orders being executed so slowly.

    In the evening, going to bed, King Sheram once again inquired whether Seta had long since left the palace fence with his sack of wheat.

    “Lord,” they answered him, “your mathematicians work tirelessly and hope to finish the counting before dawn.”

    “Why are you delaying this matter ?!” - the king exclaimed angrily. - Tomorrow, before I wake up, everything to the last grain should be given to Sete. I do not order twice!

    In the morning the tsar was informed that the foreman of the court mathematicians was asking for an important report. The king ordered him to enter.

    “Before you tell me about your case,” Sheram announced. “I want to hear if Seth has finally been given that insignificant reward that he has appointed for himself.”

    “For the sake of this, I dared to appear before you at such an early hour,” answered the old man. “We conscientiously calculated the total number of grains that Seth wants to receive. This number is so great ...

    “No matter how great it is,” the tsar interrupted arrogantly, “my granaries will not become impoverished!” The reward is promised and should be issued ...

    “It is not in your power, lord, to fulfill such desires.” In all your barns there are not as many grains as Seth demanded. It is not in the granaries of the whole kingdom. There is no such number of grains in the whole space of the Earth. And if you want to certainly give out the promised reward, then order to turn the earthly kingdoms into arable fields, order to drain the seas and oceans, order to melt the ice and snow covering the distant northern wastelands. May their entire space be seeded with wheat. And all that is born on these fields, order to give to Seth. Then he will receive his reward.

    The king listened with amazement to the old man's words.

    “Tell me this monstrous number,” he said in thought.

    “Eighteen quintillion four hundred forty six quadrillion seven hundred forty four trillion seventy three billion seven hundred nine million five hundred fifty one thousand six hundred and fifteen, oh lord!”

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