How to make money without working?

    How to make moneyI remember once a couple of years ago I received spam in the mail with some kind of program to achieve financial independence. I, like any user, can not stand spam and there is always a desire to kill the one who sends it (spam). This is a normal feeling and it visits every user when he sees in his mail a proposal for "Penis Enlargement" or "Cheap Viagra."
    But that spam was special. The proposal itself was somehow idiotic. From the category to buy cheaper from them in bulk and sell in parts, but more expensive. But what I liked was a phrase that sounded something like this: "Better let 100 people earn you $ 1 each than you will work for $ 100."
    Something in this phrase is catchy. This is actually a classic network marketing. I somehow paid little attention to this type of marketing, which I now regret about it. In fact, like most people who were thrown into the 90s, network marketing is associated with pyramids, herbalife and sects. Although these organizations use network marketing in their business, they are not network marketing in its general concept.
    In general, network marketing is the promotion of your product or service through third parties. That is, these are not salespeople who work in your organization, but acquaintances from all the rings of your “ social network ”.
    Network marketing is good because you do not need to invest in advertising. All your actions should be targeted and targeted. Here, a competent role is played by the competent structure of rewards, rewards and training of new adherents. And he is just perfect in that you get money even when you are out of business and do not rush into the development of your network. The network works for you!
    Everyone knows about Amway , but no one has ever seen her commercials on TV. Although everyone criticizes this company, I still order products from her and am very pleased with their quality. My friend’s supplier supplies me with various prices at reduced prices and I am very pleased with her, unlike the fakes of the same Gillette on the market.
    Let's think how to make money out of everything said. Making money is not difficult and not easy. I will explain why. It’s usually easier to sell your product directly, because you yourself control the flow of sales and can influence them. At the initial stage of business, this is very important. But your income here depends on how much you work, how much you get.
    Roughly speaking, if you are selling software, then as long as you sell - you are afloat and have income, as soon as you stop selling - your business begins to “fade”.
    Then you “scratch your turnip” and understand that it would be nice to work with affiliates who distribute your software. And here comes the era of network marketing. You sell the program for $ 19.95, but you receive from it, taking into account commissions, not $ 17, as in direct sales, but $ 11, and the remaining $ 6 gets an affiliate.
    That is, your profit from one copy is less, but due to turnover, you get more profit in general. There is another plus. When you have a well-established dealer network where almost anyone can become a dealer, you can focus not on sales, but on refining the product to the mind and releasing new versions.
    Network marketing is the same social networksbut only in the sales plane. Here, too, there are circles, there are the same laws under which through 5 chains you can sell your goods to any resident on the planet and so on.
    It turns out, working in sales of your services, you, first of all, should not look at improving the product, but at its marketing. And when many familiar people are involved in sales, you can safely work on quality, and there will be buyers.
    Say, if you have developed your own CMS, which will be even an order of magnitude better than the well-known Bitrix , then in order to conquer the market with this system you will have to sweat and do it well. Therefore, if you do this on your own, this process can be very long, and if you establish sales and engage in quality yourself, the market will conquer by itself.
    Why go so far? Look at the same confrontations between Internet Explorer and Firefox and Opera . Even with such strong support from the latter, the donkey still "makes" with a wide margin these browsers, which are much superior to IE, well, literally everything.
    It is due to competent promotion and the creation of this network for promotion, Microsoft “has” the whole Open Source, which is barely breathing and is unlikely to even catch up with the Melkoyagky opponent in the near future.
    You only need to act on the same principle as spies (or scouts who like what) - to build your network! These people come to foreign territory and they have no one. Their task is to penetrate the top of the enemy as soon as possible and make it as if he were the most faithful friend to the entire ideology of the enemy (did everyone look at Shtirlitsa?).
    So do it, not only for illegal purposes, but in the development of your own business. You are a scout and your task is to build your own business so that it works even when you retire. Then your mission will be considered successfully completed.
    Of course, creating your own sales network is not as easy as it seems, but nevertheless it will be rewarded later to you and your business.
    By the way, there is another type of network marketing - a diversification of activities or niche. For example, in the West, in the same Ibiza, it is difficult to find 2 similar institutions. Each institution has its own unique approach in the selection of parties, in the organization of business, in the format of DJs and so on.
    Similarly, in the approach to business. If the company is engaged in construction, and they urgently need to have a party, then it will never look for any activist Masha (or Mary) from the accounting department to organize this. But in Soviet countries it is very often visible. In the West they will simply hire a club or a company that will be engaged in their holiday.
    The outsourcing system operates according to the same scheme. Many software companies or web studios hire freelancers to work. Even eminent companies like RBCor Lebedev hire freelancers to work. Because it gives them focus on other issues, such as brand promotion, sales and other managerial things not related to production.
    It turns out such a network when everyone is doing his own thing, but at the same time everyone is tied to each other.
    Proceed in the same way - create your own network and money will reach you (:
    Source - Sergey Zhukovsky

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