The secret to Apple’s design success ...

    ... in the view of the world through the eyes of the user, not the IT specialist.

    Make yourself laugh Safari, try to select the text across the layout, after a few blocks. You see, the selection goes line by line, as if we are not looking at a marvelous layout, but a code typed on a typewriter (similarly, PDF readers deal with their texts, especially those broken into columns, but this is a different fairy tale).

    So, our managers, who did not see Safari in their eyes (thank God!), Mentally “render” the site in the same way - they have line breaks, lines at the bottom, under the whole text, and so on. A div with a footer is seen only by a typesetter. By the way, managers all see the headline in a text preceding a bulleted list. I’m already tired of proving to them that there is not a single headline there, I show the source document in OpenOffice, the paragraph style is useless, the heading in front of the content, and that’s it.

    Until I relearn myself to look at the matter through the eyes of the user - I can’t see success and grandmothers like Apple.

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