Usability and Google.

    In general, the article is dedicated to all of us beloved Google and its services.

    I don’t know if everyone knows about such a Google service as Google Reader - the service is dedicated to RSS and with it you can subscribe to any newsletters on the Internet.
    Did you know about him or not, but the less he is.
    So that's what the article is about.

    And I found out an article about this service by watching the videos “Materials of Russian Internet Technologies - 2007. I was asked by the question: why am I, a person who uses Google services every day, don’t know anything about it?

    I decided to find the answer on Google. And without thinking twice typed naturally I was immediately thrown on the domain of my home country, but it does not change anything. What do I see?

    but here is what:

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    Search bar

    Advanced search
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    Search: Internet Russian-language pages of a page from Kyrgyzstan offered in: Kyrgyz

    Advertising programs - All about Google - in English

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    That's it!
    Naturally I poke More »

    What do I see there?
    A lot of things, but I did not see Google Reader.
    Strange - I thought and went into the mail. Maybe there they will show me the cherished link.
    But to my surprise, there is nothing but this:

    Google Gmail Calendar Documents and Spreadsheets Photos More »

    I could not find.
    I had no choice but to type Google Reader in the search bar.
    Then I was pleased. The first link turned out to be a link to the desired service.

    So the answer to my question.
    Why is Google hiding my service from me?

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