Google stops selling video

    Another Google experiment again failed . This time, such a sad fate befell a project for the sale of paid content through the Google Video website . It took Google 19 months to understand the futility of this lesson.

    A year and a half, Google unsuccessfully tried to enter a new content market for itself, but it ended up being unable to compete with the YouTube project, which eventually had to be bought for $ 1.76 billion. Almost immediately after that, the company began to sell the rights to selling sports, music and news content (these licenses were purchased in large quantities when the ambitious Google Video project was launched). And now the story has come to its logical conclusion.

    Since the films purchased through Google Video could only be viewed on the site through the built-in player, from August 15, 2007 all customers will lose the ability to watch their films. They will be paid compensation in the form of points in the payment system Google Checkout.

    Now Google will focus on what it does best: sell ads. Obviously, online video can only be earned through advertising, and nothing else. The company promises to introduce an effective advertising system for YouTube before the end of this year.

    Focusing on what you know best is the right strategy. At the end of last year, Google has already got rid of one of its pilot projects, which did not live up to expectations.(we are talking about a paid expert service Google Answers). It can be assumed that Google Video is not the last unsuccessful experiment of the company, and the ballast reset will soon continue.

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