Rich Man's Dream: $ 6 Million Home Cinema

    If you think that some kind of 103-inch LCD TV for tens of thousands of dollars and a set of acoustics, equipment from a renowned manufacturer is the limit of perfection and the maximum of what can be called a home theater, then most likely you are mistaken. You are wrong because they do not know about the system from the notorious Jeremy Kipnis ( Jeremy Kipnis ), estimated at $ 6 million.

    If we talk about this balanced combination of the best components today (and expensive, apparently), then you can put the brainchild of Kipnis without a twinge of conscience on a level with professional solutions, and even higher. Take the Sony SRX-R110 projector, which is capable of reproducing a picture with QuadHD resolution (4096x2160 pixels), a hard drive system for storing 72 hours of HD quality video, 8.8-channel speakers (more than 11,000 watts of sound) and much more.

    The developers equipped the system with HD DVD players (Toshiba HD-XA1), Blu-ray (Sony BDP-S1) and many others. Well, only the richest movie fan can dream of such a toy. I am sure there are plenty of such people in the world.


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