Road light

    On some roads in the UK, luminous markings have recently appeared. Equipping the tracks with such useful innovations was done by Astucia. Active indicators, called SolarLite LED, are “lit up” by solar energy during the day and glow at night, thereby improving visibility from 90 to 900 meters. And their service life is not small - 10 years.

    Given a speed of about 90 kilometers per hour, this range of visibility gives the driver about 30 seconds to make a decision and respond. According to unverified statistics, the placement of such LEDs reduced the number of nighttime accidents on the roads by 70%.

    Unfortunately, it is not at all known what the SolarLite LED equipment will get into, say, 1 km of the road, and even more so, it is not known whether such LED-lit roads will appear in other countries.

    via Engadget

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