Intel and Microsoft Developer Conference

    Usually in the spring of various events for software developers it happens so much that when I have to announce them on behalf of Intel, I’m not a professional entertainer, but a developer many times, seriously thinking about writing some kind of “auto-advertiser” that could post similar ads for me.
    But I strongly advise you not to write an auto-reader that could read (= delete) such ads instead of you.
    Conferences can really be interesting and useful for you.

    So, let me introduce - Intel and Microsoft Conference for Developers - in Moscow, Novosibirsk and online:


    The conference will discuss Intel Parallel Studio XE and Intel Cluster Studio XE, which include a complete set of tools for developers in C / C ++ and Fortran. An overview of the Intel Math Kernel Library will be given.
    The main methods of programming the Intel MIC platform will be offered to your attention.
    You can learn about the development of Android * applications for smartphones and tablets based on the Intel Atom processor.
    An implementation of OpenCL for Intel's latest generation processors will also be discussed.
    Microsoft experts will talk about C ++ 11, VC ++ 11 and DirectX 11.

    In the demo zone of the conference, leading Intel and Microsoft experts will show the capabilities of the latest development tools, including tools for creating and debugging multithreaded programs.

    And all this is completely free! You only need to spend a minute on registration.
    All the details are on the website

    So, Moscow - May 17. Novosibirsk - May 22.
    The Moscow session on May 17 will also be available in a live online broadcast.

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