Gamers in China will have to register for online ID games

    China is known for its tough regulatory policies on the Internet. Many services familiar to residents of other countries are not available here. This, for example, Twitter, Google, YouTube, instead of which users of the Middle Kingdom use domestic analogues. In total, 135 of the 1000 most popular sites in the world are blocked in China . Back in 2009, the government of this country banned the registration of domain names by individuals in arbitrary order. For this you need to get a special permit. Chinese websites are subject to scrutiny to prevent access to the internal network of prohibited or unwanted information.

    In March 2015, the Department of Information on the Internet adopted changes, according to which the site, which is included in a special list, should request confirmation of their personalities from users. That is, in the literal sense of the word, when registering on the site, you must provide an identity card. Well and plus to everything for conducting a certain kind of activity it is necessary to issue a special permit. Well, now the restrictions are on gamers who prefer online games.

    According to the Xinhua News Agency , which refers to the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, now when registering in online games, users will be obliged to enter data from their own identity cards, using real names. Plus, online game operators are now required to store information about their users. This is done in order to provide all the data to the supervisory authorities, in the event that they are required by officials.

    The agency, among other things, recommended to operators of online games to limit playing time and money spending for underage users. In addition, starting from May, information about users whose names appear in court cases will be stored on servers for up to five years.

    By the way, the Chinese used to bypass restrictions using proxy and VPN services. But now all providers that provide special services of this kind will be required to obtain special permission. According to officials, this is done in order to standardize the Chinese market of Internet services. Now providers in the country will have to check and eliminate VPN channels. So far it is unclear what will happen to services by foreign companies that sell their services and access to services to Chinese users.

    The number of Internet users in China by the end of 2016 reached731 million people. At the same time, the coverage ratio is 53.2%, which is 3.1% more than the world average. Over the past year in China, the number of network users has increased by 6.2%, which is 42.99 million people.

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