Internet Archive has released an archive of software for the first Macintosh

    The Internet Archive organization is engaged in preserving information that may not matter now, but in the future it will become very valuable. Once saved, the Internet Archive publishes data with enviable regularity. And this concerns not only text or images of archived sites, but also software, including games. Earlier on the organization’s website, games for old gaming consoles were laid out, as well as PCs, and now a software package for the first Macintosh models has been published .

    The software collection includes software released from 1984 to 1989. The staff of the Internet Archive published the software package for a reason (very few users could have started the programs in this case, since the first Macintosh computers are a thing of the past, and for a long time), and they made an emulator for the browser. So, to see and learn (or remember) how everything works, you can without looking up from the display of a modern desktop or PC.

    There is not only software for work, but also games, a lot of games. In particular, Dark Castle , Space Invaders , Lode Runner , and Microsoft Flight Simulator are available . Many are familiar not only to users of Apple products but also to gamers who prefer gaming consoles or games under Windows.

    As for software, there is everything you need for work, including MacWrite, MacPaint . For each of the programs provides a detailed description, so that the modern user will not guess what is in front of him.

    Previously, the Internet Archive has repeatedly laid out large data files that have not only historical value. For example, in 2013, the service made available to tens of millions of users of the game for Atari . This archive is equipped with an emulator that allows you to run such games in the browser. In addition, employees created an entire collection of “historical” software, called the Historical Software Collection .

    In 2014, one of the employees of this organization created a program to automatically extract illustrations from books in the process of scanning and recognizing them. Then the Internet Archive posted about 14 million different pictures.

    Well, in 2015 it was posted about 2400 DOS games, also with a browser emulator.

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