John Romero sold original Doom II diskettes on eBay for $ 3000

    Co-founder of id Software, John Romero , who is also one of the main developers of Doom, Quake and the infamous protracted Daikatana, decided to put original Doom 2 diskettes on eBay. There are no additional accessories - only five diskettes, in excellent condition, as John himself describes them. The glue, however, has lost its strength from time to time and the labels lag a little behind plastic, but on the whole everything is fine.

    It is clear that the main value is not in the diskettes themselves, but in their contents. And this is the original version of Doom 2, version 1.7. Some netizens doubted that Romero actually sold these floppies, but it turned out that this was true because he gave the link to the lot in his official Twitter account.

    As a result, the lot was sold for an amount of $ 3,150, which is not so much considering the uniqueness of 3.5-inch floppy disks, which are already 23 years old. Interestingly, Romero offered to sign them for the auction winner if he so desired. Probably, one could not ask about it - it is clear that the buyer would agree.

    By the way, last year Romero released a new level for Doom, only 20 years after the release of the original game.

    John decided to create a new level, because he missed the game itself, plus he was often asked to do so. He identified JP LeBreton as the masterminds and also the DoomWorld community. The original game was released by id Software in 1993.

    This shooter has become one of those games that have predetermined the development of the entire game world in the future. The name of the game, according to John Carmack, the creators of Doom took from the film "The Color of Money". In the story, the protagonist enters the billiard room with a small suitcase in hand, and answers the question, what's inside,: “Doom”.

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