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    On this blog, we often write about personalizing and targeting the letters you send to customers. But sometimes there are few tips, and we decided to show you one practical example of a personalized letter, which also includes two subtasks: resuming communication after a long silence and working on errors in previous letters.

    Dear jgdfh!

    You may be a little surprised to hear from us after so many months. We had some problems. But we dealt with them. And now we want to please you: finally we were able to install a modern system that allows you to automatically target letters on your previous purchases and actions. And this, you see, is really cool!

    So let's imagine that there was no 15-month hiatus. Fortunately, as we see, you still have not forgotten about us, since you did not send this letter to the spam box.

    So, our system said that a month ago you bought a modern lawn mower from us. Therefore, we decided to offer you all the best and new from our section "Home and Garden". Isn't that a good idea?

    For example, if you order a new lawn mower from us before the end of the month, you will receive a 20% discount. As much as 20%!

    Yes, we know that you already have one lawn mower. That is why we offer you all the best and new from the "Home and Garden" section. In addition, technology is developing so rapidly today!

    Or maybe a second lawn mower for your spouse?

    Not? Not interested?

    Oh well. In any case, thanks for the time spent.

    Dear jgdfh!

    Yes, yes, we know. 15 months of silence, and then immediately 2 letters in just 10 minutes.
    Sorry, but this is an all new system. We are not to blame.
    So, 3 years ago you purchased the book “How to teach a child the alphabet” on our website. We have good news for you. Just this week we got another similar book.
    Moreover, when you buy this book right now - delivery is free.
    What do you say about this?

    No, we did not say that your children are stupid.

    Agree: three years is enough to learn 33 letters.

    Or maybe you are waiting for a replenishment in the family?

    Good. Excuse for troubling.

    Dear jgdfh!

    Today is your lucky day!
    As many as 3 posts in just 20 minutes.
    We are sure that you did not regret that you filled out one line just below the order registration form. And now you’ll even be glad of it.
    We know, there was a mistake with the previous two letters. But we are sure that you will definitely appreciate this letter.
    Last year, you bought from us a book, "How to Live With Elderly Parents." Tomorrow comes the sequel. And you can purchase it from us at a discount. What a luck!


    Sorry. Our condolences.

    By the way, could you add us to your contact list?

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    PPS For those who suddenly still do not understand, this is a post-joke , approximately exactly the opposite of how it is recommended to build relationships with the client so that he waits for your letters and read them with interest.

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