+1 extension for Opera


    A few days ago, Shaida created a post called the +1 extension for Google Chrome , where everyone could recommend an extension that he ever found useful. Then krovatti took the initiative with the post +1 extension for Mozilla Firefox . I think in this case you should not ignore the Opera, especially in the light of the upcoming innovations of version 12.

    I take the baton.

    Here are the three that I use the longest:
    1. ExtendTube

    Removes ads on Youtube, allows you to download videos, disables the automatic start of playback ...

    2. VK.ru Downloader

    The extension adds buttons for downloading music, and links for downloading videos.

    3. Mac OSX Font Rendering

    Rendering and smoothing fonts as in Mac OSX

    Now it's your turn =) Please do not forget about Opera widgets and Unite functions, and specify a link to the extension.

    Also popular now: