Fiji Island requires renaming Windows Fiji

    Over the past year and a half, the phrase “Windows Fiji” often gets to the pages of the specialized press. The fact is that this is exactly the working name of the program Windows Media Center TV.

    Information about this came to the authorities of the island of Fiji and they were extremely concerned about this fact. So preoccupied that they even sent an official letter to the name of Bill Gates. They explained that the Fiji government has the exclusive right to use the word, and also has the right to prohibit any irrelevant and offensive use of the word. The combination with the word “Windows” is a clear insult to all the inhabitants of the island.

    Microsoft has officially promised the islanders that no Microsoft program will be called Windows Fiji and this name will not appear in any marketing materials. This working name is used exclusively in Microsoft internal communications.

    Microsoft managers believe that in internal communications they can use any names, and the fact that they get to the press is not a problem for Microsoft.

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