Some results

    According to the results of a survey of participants in the conference “Audience Management and Advertising on the Internet 2007” I offer you a rating of the most popular reports:

    Life after a click - 2 (THEY return). Sergey Spivak, “Prior.Ru” (126)
    PR in blogs: threats, risks and common mistakes. Anton Nosik, “SOUP” (126)
    Internet advertising - the basics of planning. Mikhail Trufanov, Arton Consulting (111)
    WAP - Sites: A New Field for Internet Marketing. Timofey Bokarev, “Next Media Group” (104)
    TNS Web Index: six months after the start. Rulan Tagiyev, “TNS Gallup AdFact” (102)

    and there were many interesting reviews:
    - I myself am from a Siberian town, so your conference seemed intergalactic to me
    - a lot of practical information, a lot of beautiful girls
    - interesting, many English terms, little understood
    - already running all the way to improve the

    Also popular now: