HD video podcasts appear on iTunes Store

    One of the main disappointments for Apple TV owners was the lack of High Definition video. And who will not be offended to have a product compatible with 720p HD video, but not be able to download such a video? Now there is no reason for disappointment: iTunes podcasts from the Washington Post appeared in 720p HD.

    These video podcasts had a bitrate of 4061Kbps. This is a major breakthrough compared to 1516Kbit / s, in which, for example, the passage “The Office” was encoded. It is worth noting that Apple TV supports video with a bitrate of up to 5Mbps. Of course, the quality of the video depends entirely on the file size: an HD video podcast lasting 8.5 minutes "weighs" as much as 250 MB - the 21-minute clip from The Office has the same size. File size affects not only the time it is downloaded, but also the time it takes to buffer before playing. For viewing without stops and delays, you have to connect the Apple TV to the computer either through a wired connection or via Wi-Fi 802.11n (with 802.11g the video already “slows down”), or after downloading the file to the player’s hard disk.

    Of course, iTunes and Apple TV were always compatible with HD-video, but before that you had to separately download the video files, and then import them into iTunes. The beauty of this news is that HD video has become available on the iTunes Store. It is hoped that the advent of HD video podcasts means the soon appearance in the iTunes Store catalog of films in the same quality.

    via webware

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