40 years old computer mouse

    40 years ago, the world saw the first computer mouse. A wooden box with a red button on the top lid - this is what the first mouse looked like.
    The man who invented the mouse, 83-year-old American Douglas Engelbart did not get a penny for this. His patent expired before the world began to use a mouse.
    The first computer to include a mouse was the Xerox 8010 Star Information System minicomputer, introduced in 1981. The Xerox mouse had three buttons and cost $ 400.
    In 1983, Apple launched its own single-button mouse model for the Lisa computer, which was reduced to $ 25. The mouse gained wide popularity due to its use in computers Apple Macintosh and later in Windows for IBM PC.

    “Mouse” has gone through a difficult and thorny path, we wish it continued success.

    UPD Being interested in the history of the computer mouse, I found a link to the first demonstration of the “mouse”. and the exact date is December 9, 1968 , so the Anniversary is ahead! - Getting ready!

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