Alt = "" icon next to the title of the translated article

    I'm about this: go to a page with translated articles by turning off images in the browser (I use Opera). Near the title of the article always hangs the same plate with the inscription (Z-> A), which, as I understand it, is of a purely design character. Meanwhile, the picture, although repeated in the design of all the headings, but in each case, for some reason, it also has alt with the title, containing the name of the translated article.

    If you turn off the display of images, then it looks all terrible: the violas spread over the entire width, duplicating the title itself with text.

    It would be more logical to make the title of the article just the title (h2 would fit perfectly), and fasten the design picture to the background image using CSS by setting the desired padding-left. And the bug would disappear, and the code would become tidier.

    Thanks for attention. ;-)

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