Collection of nonsense about my country

    I am from Kyrgyzstan (although we need to call our country Kyrgyzstan). Yes, it’s not important at all! Another thing is important:
    Just the other day, almost all the Internet resources of our country flashed a link to a site about Kyrgyzstan. At first glance (if you do not pay attention to “design”), this is a common information resource about the country, while not bearing an official character. But if you read the text, I, as a resident of this country, can say that the articles contain complete nonsense. Perhaps this site was created only for lulz ...?

    Here are some quotes from the site:
    About greetings
    Between perfectly familiar people, it is customary to kiss three times symbolically. As a sign of gratitude, it is customary to touch the forehead and the region of the heart with the palm of your hand. The soles of the feet should not be directed in any direction. During a handshake, you should not look into the eyes of the interlocutor

    About trade
    Everywhere, especially in private stores and markets, you should bargain - to bring down the price by half is quite easy.

    About vehicles
    Driving in Kyrgyzstan is unusual for a European. There is no need to rely entirely on the rules and signs. Everything is built largely on mutual understanding, intuition and respect for each other. In addition, the upcoming maneuver is often explained with gestures. Turning, the Kyrgyz, as a rule, makes a sign with his hand sticking out of the window. Hand - a means of active communication with other motorists. There are many gestures that make up the whole road language: Wait! Hey you freak! Slow down! Where are you going, asshole? Thanks! Caution! Wait! etc. Emergency braking, say, is indicated by swaying the left hand up and down, the “wait, let me drive” sign is conveyed by raising three fingers gathered in a pinch. And he suddenly wanted to turn left (a very common desire!) At the intersection from the right lane - an elegant hand gesture with the index finger out, a smile - and everything is in order (unless, of course, this gesture was noticed). Few people follow the rules for driving unregulated intersections. The advantage usually has a larger or more luxurious car.

    In general, for those who want to know more about my country, here is the link . The resource is not mine, this is not PR, etc.

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