QIP messenger acquired by RBC

    A popular QIP messenger in Russia working on the ICQ protocol, acquired by a company affiliated with RBC .

    Messages about this appeared on Runet blogs today. Checking some technical information indicates RBC.

    - First of all, whois qip.ru and qipim.com point to Valento Commerce Limited, which is most likely registered in the offshore zone (Virgin Islands). This company has already been mentioned in connection with RBC.
    - NS of the above domains - relax.ru. The whois of this domain lists the RBC call center phones.
    - The qip.ru site itself is hosted at RBC facilities (and not at the RBC hosting center, and on another server owned by RBC CJSC, and access is provided by Golden Telecom). At the same time, at the bottom of the pages of the site (yet?) It is indicated that the hosting is provided by Spaceweb .

    Screenshot qip.ru

    - A new Delphi programmer is working on the QIP project . Judging by the vacancy published before, his salary is from 40 to 55 thousand rubles (the vacancy message has already been deleted from the QIP forum). A nonprofit project can hardly afford such an expense.

    The press service of RBC did not confirm or refute the information about the purchase of the messenger ("RBC does not comment on market rumors").

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